Covid live news: scientists warn UK may have worst to come; Israel tightens vaccine passport rules

Posted by on October 3, 2021 6:22 am
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Fears the indoor socialising will spread virus in UK; Israel says people only eligible for green pass if they have received a booster jab

In the US midwest state of Missouri, Edward Helmore has been looking at how officials fear culture wars could hamper efforts to control the virus when the next wave hits.

The boarded-up storefront of Rae’s Cafe in Blue Springs, Missouri, does not look much like a Covid-19 battleground – but it has become a cause célèbre of the anti-masking movement since owner Amanda Wohletz began a campaign in July to defy local Jackson county mask mandates imposed after Delta variant infections surged.

Despite warnings, citations, the revocation of a food permit and a county health department’s order to close her doors, Wohletz persisted, claiming in court that the mandate ordering everyone five and up is required to wear a face covering when visiting indoor public spaces was “unconstitutionally created” and efforts to enforce it were “unlawful, nonsensical”.

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