Covid live news: 40% of Israel could be infected in current wave; Germany to study rapid antigen-test reliability for Omicron

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Israeli prime minister says 2 million – 4 million will be infected in coming weeks; German health minister casts doubt on rapid antigen tests in detecting Omicron

Tennis number one Novak Djokovic is currently appealing in court against the cancellation of his Australian visa ahead of the Australian Open.

The hearing kicked off at 10am AEST in Melbourne, which was 11pm GMT or 6pm EST. The 34-year-old is being held at a quarantine hotel in Melbourne.

Here, a professor and an eminently qualified physician have produced and provided to the applicant a medical exemption. Further to that, that medical exemption and the basis on which it was given was separately given by a further independent expert specialist panel established by the Victorian state government and that document was in the hands of the delegate.

The point I am agitated about is ‘what more could this man have done?’

He’s made the declaration, provided the evidence even though it was not required, and then he received [notice] from the Department of Home Affairs … saying the application has been assessed and meets the required for quarantine-free travel.”

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