Coronavirus live: Covid vaccine passports to be trialled in England; Pope urges quicker vaccine distribution

Posted by on April 4, 2021 7:45 am
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England to launch nine ‘vaccine passport’ pilots from mid-April; Pope Francis says crisis remains severe, especially for the poor

12.45pm BST

Germany’s Robert Koch Institute has said it is designating the Netherlands an area of particularly high risk of coronavirus infection due to a high number of cases in the country.

From Tuesday people entering Germany from the Netherlands will need to provide documentation of a negative coronavirus test.

12.43pm BST

Conservative former cabinet minister David Davis has questioned the need for the UK Government’s planned “Covid status certification” scheme.

He told LBC radio:

It is really rather hard to see what the purpose of this test is. It is very different from anything we have done in Britain outside wartime.

We are not used to presenting papers – or the electronic equivalent – to go to the pub or to go to a football match. That is not what we think of our freedoms.

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