Australia news live updates: Victoria records 34 Covid deaths, NSW 30; biggest political donor revealed; public schools return

Posted by on January 31, 2022 5:40 pm
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Victoria records 34 Covid deaths and 11,311 infections; NSW records 30 deaths and 12,818 cases; Pratt Holdings is biggest political donor in 2020-21; aged care industry reacts to Scott Morrison’s worker payments; NSW announces plans to resume elective surgery. Follow updates live


A pay rise that lasts up until the next election is a cynical political ploy, because we know this plan … will not do anything more than hold this thing together by a thread.

The truth is that the aged-care sector – the average experience of a person in aged care today is one of neglect.

The truth is that we have a crisis in aged care that has been eight years in the making.

Scott Morrison has cut aged-care funding personally as treasurer twice. One of the first actions of the incoming government was to cut the wages of aged-care staff and now we are expected to believe that this is going to make a difference?

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