Australia Covid updates live: Victoria police disperse Melbourne protesters; NSW records 1,035 cases, five deaths as lockdown orders lifted for five LGAs

Posted by on September 22, 2021 4:29 am
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9.29am BST

Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker was on the ABC this afternoon, saying that anti-vaccination sentiments were “ill-informed” but that some needed to be persuaded.

She said that these sentiments needed to be acknowledged, and that forcing people to take the vaccine against their will is a “mistake”:

I think there is a lot of concern in pockets of our community about forced vaccination. And I think it is, look, I think it is ill-informed, but we do have to acknowledge it is there and we need to do what is necessary to help those in that situation feel assured enough to do what we know is the right to do for the public health response.

Simply forcing a person against their will, without bothering to take them on a journey, I think is a mistake.

9.05am BST

The Shrine of Remembrance is not a place for protest.
It is a sacred place for Australians to commemorate those who fought and died for us.
We gather there to remember with respect and dignity and It is not appropriate to use this hallowed location for any protest.

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