Xi Jinping to address world leaders at UN biodiversity summit – live

Posted by on September 30, 2020 10:37 am
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Leaders prepare to discuss the destruction of the natural world as the international community negotiates a set of targets for the next decade

3.33pm BST

In a pre-recorded statement, Egyptian president Mohammed Al-Sisi tells the summit “we have to stress the link between biodiversity and sustainable development”. At COP14 in Egypt, governments began the process of negotiating the biodiversity targets for the 2020s. Last decade, the world failed to meet a single one of the targets agreed in Aichi in 2010. Covid-19 has strengthened our shared responsibility to the planet and future generations, he concludes.

Xi Jinping is about to speak.

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3.24pm BST

Munir Akram, President of the Economic and Social Council, is addressing the summit right now, calling for a re-imagination of GDP and nature’s role in human wealth.

Egyptian president Mohammed Al-Sisi, who was host of the biodiversity COP14, is up next.

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