The women in my family must have something special in their genes | John Crace

Posted by on June 5, 2020 7:19 am
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With my daughter in Minneapolis and my mother beating Covid-19, the news has a personal edge

The horrifying coverage of the race protests in the US have had a personal edge as my daughter lives just three miles away from where George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis. Anna gives me the detail that the TV coverage misses. The feeling of what it’s like to live under curfew in a city where shops have been boarded up or set on fire, where barbed-wire barricades are the new normal and where 50 national guard personnel carriers have been parked up just outside her local coffee shop. I know this isn’t about her as she never fails to remind me. It isn’t Anna who is getting killed by the police or being regularly stopped and searched but I can’t help worrying about her. She has also volunteered at the local food bank and I couldn’t be more proud of the way she is trying to give something back to her adopted city. Though, she won’t thank me for saying so. I’m also amazed by my 96-year-old mother. The care home where she lives has been under lockdown, so she has been allowed no visits from my sisters or me for the last three months. A few weeks ago, we got the news we had all been dreading. My mother had tested positive for the coronavirus and none of us knew if we would ever see her again. Telephone calls became both more banal and laden with meaning as I tried to say the things I wanted to say without worrying her even more. Today, though, we got the astonishing news that my mother has now tested negative. She survived countless air raids and being machine-gunned by a Messerschmidt in the war and now she has beaten the coronavirus. I’m beginning to think she’s indestructible. There’s clearly something special in the Crace women genes.

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