‘The hardest time in my life’: how service providers shoulder the burden of free childcare

Posted by on May 27, 2020 4:23 pm
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In part three of Stimulus under scrutiny, we look at why the government’s childcare recovery package has sent some operators to the brink of collapse
Part one: ‘The cliff’: what happens when Australia’s coronavirus stimulus runs out of road?
Part two: Work in progress: a $60bn miscalculation could make jobkeeper fairer and lead to quicker recovery

Tina Case paints a bleak picture when asked about the last two months at her family daycare service in Woy Woy on the New South Wales central coast.

Case has been driven to the point of near financial ruin. She’s had to defer car loans and rely on money from her sons to help pay off a home loan taken out just before the pandemic, all while providing more hours of care without any added pay.

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