‘I’ve never felt so close to anyone this quickly’: the whirlwind romances of lockdown

Posted by on June 4, 2020 1:00 am
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In March, couples in England were advised to move in together or stay apart to avoid coronavirus. What happened to those in new relationships who went for it?

Hurtling down the motorway on a Triumph T120 with a backpack full of knickers, Jen Lewandowski thought: this is terrific. Lewandowski, 41, had met Tom Gidley, 51, just four times before she moved into his Ramsgate home at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown in March. 

They originally met through work. Lewandowski had contacted Gidley, who is an artist, to ask if she could sell some of his paintings at an exhibition she was staging. When she collected the paintings from his studio in January, there was an instant connection. “She had an energy and real light about her,” says Gidley. After the show opened in March, they went for a drink, and then a cup of tea at Lewandowski’s kitchen table. Finally, Lewandowski, who lives in London, visited him for the weekend. 

Then the lockdown measures were announced. “I said: ‘Look, why don’t you just come down here?’” says Gidley. “Everything’s getting a bit strange.” She agreed, and Gidley collected her on his motorcycle. Since that high-speed jaunt, their relationship has barely slackened in pace. They have spent the entire lockdown together, said “I love you” to each other within days and are in general horribly in love. “Isn’t it wild?” giggles Lewandowski. “It is quite whirlwind, but it feels right, and we’re going with it.”

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