Invisible deaths: from nursing homes to prisons, the corona toll is out of sight – and out of mind?

Posted by on May 16, 2020 2:00 am
Categories: Global Stories

There are few images of the 86,000 deaths and many of the Covid-19 hotspots – prisons, nursing homes, meat packing plants – are off limits. What is the impact of this hidden toll?

John Delano was six years old when the contagion struck his neighborhood in New Haven, Connecticut. There was a morgue just down the road. Coffins began spilling on to the sidewalk. It made the perfect stage for an exciting new game.

“We thought, ‘Boy, this is great,’” he recalled. “‘It’s like climbing the pyramids.’ Then one day, I slipped and broke my nose on one of the coffins. My mother was very upset. She said, didn’t I realize there were people in those boxes who had died?”

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