Guests in South Australia’s Covid outbreak hotel must start quarantine again – live news

Posted by on November 17, 2020 3:39 pm
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All eyes remain on Adelaide as authorities race to get the latest coronavirus cluster under control. Follow all the latest news and updates

8.39pm GMT

Malcolm Turnbull continued his ‘it’s really time to listen on climate guys’ tour, with a conversation with Tim Flannery, hosted by GetUp (over Zoom).

Most of the chat was important, but things we have heard before.

So, you know, far be it for me to suggest how Joel Fitzgibbon should to do his job…

But, you know, you would think that the Federal member for Hunter would be saying the coal exercises are going to come to an end, regardless of what you’re saying in Australia because the export markets are going to, you know, fizzle out,

What we need to be the delivering is not a sort of message of transition and that’s not a bad word but it has some bad connotations [but that] this is essentially you know the next big opportunity that this is going to be bigger and better than coal.

And, and, you know, leaving environmental questions aside, if you want to have an aluminium industry in Australia, the only way to have that is through abundant cheap renewable energy.

8.36pm GMT

Health authorities in Adelaide have backflipped on a decision to move 255 returned travellers quarantining in a hotel linked to the city’s emerging coronavirus cluster, but all guests will now be required to restart their 14-day quarantine.

The confirmation that all guests in the Peppers medi-hotel will have to quarantine for a further 14 days inside their rooms was delivered via a loudspeaker announcement to guests on Tuesday night, almost 24 hours after they were told to pack their belongings in anticipation of moving to a different medi-hotel in Adelaide.

Peppers medi-hotel being deep cleaned on Tuesday, as seen through the peephole from a returned traveller’s room

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