Coronavirus live news: Consultation has begun in UK on plans to mandate Covid-19 jabs for frontline health and care staff; Japan to extend emergency restrictions; WHO urges booster moratorium until 2022

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10.34am BST

AFP reports that Thai researchers are developing a sweat-based mobile Coronavirus detector.

It is however still in the development stage, and the research behind it is yet to be published or peer-reviewed.

10.31am BST

NHS England figures show 224,086 urgent cancer referrals were made by GPs in England in July, up 25% from the 179,274 reported in July last year, reports PA.
This is the third-highest number of urgent cancer referrals in records going back to October 2009, with the highest number of referrals 232,136 in March 2021, followed by 230,110 in June this year.
The equivalent figure for July 2019, a non-pandemic year, was 221,805.
Urgent referrals where breast cancer symptoms were present – though not initially suspected – were up from 10,437 in July last year to 12,277 in June 2021.

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