Biden set to announce new mask guidance for vaccinated people – US politics live

Posted by on April 26, 2021 9:32 am
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  • Sources say new CDC guidance relates to outdoor mask-wearing
  • Democratic president promises ‘new normal’ by Fourth of July

2.32pm BST

We’re going to get one of the first looks at the decennial count of all Americans today – the census.

The US Census Bureau is expected to release “apportionment” numbers today, the figures which decide how many representative seats each state gets in the US House of Representatives. Seats are based on population.

The @uscensusbureau is releasing apportionment numbers this morning. They’ll show up in this visualization of apportionment changes over time

Potential seat gains and losses from projections of the annual population estimates: Will NY lose 1 or 2 seats? Will CA lose a seat? Will Montana gain a seat? Etc.

But, population estimates are never spot on, and a potential added wildcard is the accuracy of the Census itself

2.04pm BST

Welcome to the Guardian US politics liveblog. This morning there’s news that the Biden administration is expected to announce a change to US mask policy for vaccinated people, an important move as the nation moves toward the new “normal” the president has promised by the Fourth of July.

Here’s more:

President Biden is expected to announce tomorrow that the CDC has updated its guidance for wearing masks. Multiple people say that new guidance will pertain to whether vaccinated people should wear masks outdoors, though the final language is still unclear.

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