Biden inauguration: Trump expected to issue flurry of pardons before leaving office – live

Posted by on January 18, 2021 5:38 am
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10.38am GMT

As we build-up to the Biden-Harris administration taking power on Wednesday, we have an event today specifically looking at what the future holds for Kamala Harris.

Harris is poised to become the first woman, the first Black and the first person of Asian descent to be inaugurated vice president of the US. As she steps into the White House, millions of voters responsible for her win are asking challenging questions: will she emerge as a brave and powerful voice for the nation’s most vulnerable? Or will her embrace of the political center limit her impact?

10.34am GMT

One name that appears to be missing from Donald Trump’s proposed list of pardons is Donald Trump. For some time there has been speculation that he would attempt to pardon himself, but that equation got more complicated with the assault on the Capitol on 6 January and moves in Congress to impeach him. Issuing himself a pardon under those circumstances would look self-incriminating.

And talking of self-incriminating, one of the latest people to be arrested over the storming of the US Capitol was partly identified through their own social media posts. Associated Press report that Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin has been arrested on charges of illegally entering the US Capitol.

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