Australia news live update: record 1,763 Covid cases, four deaths in Victoria; NSW reports 608 cases, seven deaths; Frydenberg in isolation

Posted by on October 5, 2021 2:43 am
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So while all of this politics nonsense has been going on, the federal government has invested in a new antiviral pill that has the potential to help stop Covid-19 disease from progressing to its acute and life-threatening stages.

Health minister Greg Hunt has been out and about this morning spruiking the government’s purchase and is speaking with ABC News Breakfast now.

It is an important step forward. It’s molnupiravir, it’s made by Merck, and it’s an oral pill. The treatments we had until now have had to be done through hospital infusion.

We have purchased 300,000 courses. It’s provided to people early after diagnosis if they have risk factors of potentially progressing to hospitalisation.

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