Australia news live update: Covid alert for Canberra after Sydney case visits, government defends vaccine rollout

Posted by on June 17, 2021 6:38 pm
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Exposure sites in Canberra after Sydney man who tested positive to coronavirus visits gallery. Follow updates live

11.38pm BST

Josh Frydenberg was out this morning as well, where he was also asked about the advice change for AstraZeneca:

There are challenges with the AstraZeneca vaccine, not just here in Australia, but globally. It’s cautious advice from Atagi and it is advice that we have taken.

I note that in the United Kingdom, the AstraZeneca vaccine is available for those aged 40 and over.

11.18pm BST

Richard Marles used his role in the Dutton v Marles weekly weirdness to push Labor’s line on the vaccine rollout issues:

The point is this last year – and we were making this point last year – in the midst of their self congratulation the government was complacent in the various queues that it placed Australia in, in terms of the various vaccine projects around the world.

So it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that we’re ordering the quantity of doses of Pfizer which will enable us to get there. It wasn’t until this year we even got in the queue of Moderna.

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