Australia news live: Queensland hospital locked down amid Covid outbreak; WHO report criticised

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Princess Alexandra hospital is shutting down as a precaution; Australia joins 13 countries to express concerns about China’s cooperation with WHO investigators – follow live

10.33pm BST

And finally, Albanese has had the chance to promote his new proposed electric car policy, which is the main announcement coming out of the ALP National conference today.

(Essentially he is promising if elected to cut tariffs and taxes on electric vehicles, which I’m sure Elon Musk is pumped about).

This is about shaping the future and the vehicle behind us here at the Nissan showroom at Liverpool will be substantially cheaper by cutting tariffs, about $2,000.

In terms of fringe benefits tax encouraging corporate fleets to take up electric vehicles, it will save up to $9,000 – making a real difference for consumers.

10.29pm BST

Albanese is now discussing how his government would act differently when it comes to the rights of women:

I have 50 % of my shadow cabinet are women, two of the four leaders…

If I can interrupt you there. That doesn’t necessarily mean the problems disappear. Former Labor MP Kate Ellis has revealed some of the sexist language and treatment she endured when she was a politician and it happened when Labor was in power… What can you do in your own party or if you become the government in some way do to change that?

Well, one of the things that Kate Ellis has said is that that change during her time in politics. The 10-year gap between when she was first elected and a decade later which saw a massive increase in the number of women in the Labor caucus which is now above 47% saw a change in the culture.

When you change the composition of the Parliament, you’ll change the culture which is why the Liberal Party are now talking about after a long period of time talking about doing something in that area.

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