Australia news live: doctors warn we are ‘sitting ducks’ until vaccinated; talks over vaccine passports

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Experts raise alarm about Covid vaccination rates as Coalition government exploring digital certificates that could unlock international travel. Follow the latest news live

11.34pm BST

Australian meat could soon be granted tariff-free entry to the United Kingdom under a major free-trade deal, AAP reports.

Trade minister Dan Tehan is confident he can finalise the agreement in the next six weeks as both nations sprint to the finish line.

I had two days sitting down with (UK trade secretary) Liz Truss on my recent visit to the UK and we are now meeting every week in a sprint to have an in-principle agreement by the end of June.

Australian food is of the highest quality. We are world leaders when it comes to food safety, traceability, animal welfare standards, land management and environmental management.

11.28pm BST

Scott Morrison was asked on 3AW radio about the idea of a vaccine passport for interstate travel in Australia.

Both the NSW and Queensland premiers have poured cold water on the idea but the prime minister said it might be useful that, if there was a state-based outbreak of Covid-19 and states closed their borders, people could still travel into other states if they could prove they had been vaccinated.

I’m happy to talk through the states, and ultimately they’re the ones who put those restrictions on.

I’ve got another slogan for you: ‘Come to Australia, the home of lower taxes.’

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