Australia Covid live update: NSW hardens Sydney lockdown restrictions as 44 new cases recorded; Pfizer says no vaccine supply increase

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Premier Gladys Berejiklian says 29 of the new cases were infectious in the community as new restrictions announced for Sydney; state and territory leaders will meet with PM to discuss the vaccine rollout. Follow latest updates

3.31am BST

Epic Games has won an appeal to have its case over the ban of the Fortnite game from the Apple app store heard in Australia, but Apple has vowed to appeal.

Epic Games has commence litigation in a number of countries, including Australia, seeking to overturn a ban of its popular Fortnite app from the app stores of Apple and Google after the company sought to bypass the in-app payment systems and cut both companies out of the slice they take from every payment.

The full federal court on Friday overturned a judgment earlier this year preventing Epic Games from challenging the case against Apple in Australia while a US court case was being heard.

Epic Games is pleased that our case will proceed with the Federal Court and be examined in the context of Australian laws. This is a positive step forward for Australian consumers and developers who are entitled to fair access and competitive pricing across mobile app stores. We look forward to continuing our fight for increased competition in app distribution and payment processing in Australia and around the world.

3.30am BST

Environment minister Sussan Ley will appeal yesterday’s federal court declaration she had a duty of care to protect Australian children from climate harm that would be caused by the expansion of a coal mining project.

The historic judgement, from Justice Mordecai Bromberg, placed into law the minister’s responsibility after a case against the Vickery coal mine expansion was brought by eight schoolchildren and a nun.

After carefully considering the judgment, the minister has formed the view there are grounds on which to appeal.

Following the handing down of orders by the Court yesterday, the Minister has now instructed the department to lodge a notice of appeal.

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